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Yamuna Automotive Components
An ISO 9001Company

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YAC, incorprated in 1971 is engaged in manufacturing of automotive pistons & cylinder blocks. The foundation of the company’s progress, In accordance with the company’s belief that “all the products should be world class” was based on the passion of our predessors for making the products “touch prefection”. The constant willingness to take risks and dedicated efforts to achieve success make up the YAC spirit, which has been inherited in an unbroken line, and have contributed to our progress.

Flexible design and manufacturing methods have greatly influenced quality at a competitive cost.

In-house most stringent certification programmes for quality has enabled speedy confirmations in fuel economy and emission standards set by engine manufacturers, around the world.

Over the year YAC has developed the ability to apply up-to-date efficient technology, responding to the demanding needs of the auto industry, placing itself with the first priority supplier status, among customers.

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